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ELECTROOPTIC, Ltd., the leading designer and manufacturer of electro-optical products since 1996, presents a new line of advanced and sophisticated infrared viewing and night vision devices involving ultraviolet-infrared viewers, infrared cameras, night vision rifle scopes, goggles, TV-imaging systems and special accessories. ELECTROOPTIC products combine innovation technology, excellence in manufacturing and prompt reliable service.

We manufacture the following product lines:

Night vision systems:
- Night vision devices
- Night vision weapon scopes
- Digital night vision devices

Infrared illuminators

Special optics

Near-infrared viewing devices
- Infrared viewers
- Infrared cameras

Electrooptic strength is based on the following key:
Quality: Small flexible production and highly skilled specialists provide mobile modernization
and changes of devices according to needs of customers. The part of products has
European CE-certification.
Warranty: A comprehensive 1-year warranty covers all products. Extended warranty is
Service: Full service is available from our factory-trained technicians and our distributors.
Our team is focused on new lines of night vision products based on 2+, 3 and digital night
vision technology incorporated, day/night vision systems, laser sources with advanced
additional features and infrared viewing devices for special applications.
The anticipation of market trends, innovative electronic engineering essential for our digital
era, and our commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction procured us with steady
successful growth in our market niche.

At present in night vision technology are known four "generations"

Gen. 0 - the first night vision devices were based on image conversion, rather than intensification. These devices required a source of invisible infrared illuminator mounted on device to illuminate an object.

Gen. 1 - such night vision devices had 2-3 image intensifier tubes connected in a series or
one tube with magnification 0.5 for the increasing of gain. The Gen. 1 image was dear at the
center but distorted around the edges. The devices with one tube operated at moon light or
with infrared illumination at starlight. The devices with 2-3 tubes had bad quality of image
and very big size and weight.

Gen. 2 and 2+ - night vision devices provided by the MCP gave possibility to develop handheld devices with improving size, the image quality and big gain allowing to operate at starlight. The MCP enabled development of handheld and helmet-mounted goggles as well as compact sights and pocket scopes.

Gen. 3 - night vision devices are based on image intensifiers having the gallium arsenide
(GaAs) photocathode. The GaAs photocathode enabled detection of objects at greater distances under much darker conditions. Some modernisation of image intensifiers of the third
generation such as ion-barrier films on the MCP increased operational life of tubes to 10 000
hours. Sometimes such image tubes call as 3+ or 4 generation.

Infrared viewing devices

High performance infrared viewing devices are designed for viewing, recording and digitization radiation emitted by ultraviolet and infrared sources in the 270…2000 nm spectral region and are ideal for wide field applications involving laser beam alignment and inspection, optical fiber alignment, telecommunications, surveillance and investigation in botany, biophysics, medicine, forensics and art restoration, examine documents, records, engravings, paintings, infrared microscopy, infrared luminescence (by ultraviolet stimulation), fluorescence.


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